Where Have I Been?!

About a year ago, I got the opportunity to start a job at an amazing store, Kenneth Cole in Soho. The past few months the store has been liquidating, and last week the store officially closed. Through working there I have made the most amazing friends and had so many great experiences.

But when one door closes another door opens. Starting Monday, I will be interning as a fabric assistant at an awesome design house. If you haven’t been reading my blog for awhile, you wouldn’t know that I started a new major this semester: Fabric Styling at FIT. Through this internship I will be doing some of the things I have been learning in my classes.

I will try to post more, about fashion and my experience interning. And I can’t post a blog with including some outfit inspiration, so here are some Fall looks I have been wearing the last few weeks.




First Year Completed: Reflection On My First Year at FIT

Finals are over and summer is finally here!

It’s been a crazy first year of college, but I don’t think I would have changed a thing. My life has changed so much since last August, when I moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. I have made amazing friends, had some fun adventures, and started my life/career in the fashion industry.

For those of you who don’t know, I am moved from South Jersey to New York City to attend FIT for Accessories Design. It isn’t your typical college major and isn’t a very big community at FIT.

This past spring I was crazy busy with 7 classes and a job for the semester, at Kate Spade Saturday on Spring Street. My courses included: Footwear Design and Construction II, Handbag Design and Construction II, Fundamental 3D Design, Manipulating Leather, Modern Dance, Philosophy: Ethics, and Photoshop for Accessories. The Fashion Institute of Technology is huge about Liberal Arts which is why there are some classes, like Philosophy or Modern Dance, which aren’t what you would associate with Accessories Design.

Outside of classes, I experienced living on a college campus. Most city schools don’t have dorms right on campus, but FIT is unique where three out of the four dorms are right on the 27th Street campus. I lived in a quad style dorm with three other girls. I don’t have sisters so adjusting to living with three other girls was tough, and I would say I had my fair share of roommate issues. The quad was divided into two bedrooms with two girls each. My roommate Abby and I lived in one room and two other girls shared the other. I can honestly say Abby became my best friend in our nine months living together and we will be dorming together again in the fall. As for the other roommates, there was some drama! Everyone has freshman dorming horror stories, so here is mine: One girl swapped rooms within the first month of school, because of personality differences. We got a new roommate named Megan who finished the year with us. The second roommate to move out left during the second semester, but we didn’t get a replacement until the last month of school. In total, 4 girls had lived in the room next to Abby and mine.

Besides roommates, I did make some amazing friends! Saying goodbye to them for the summer was the hardest part of leaving school. Since FIT is located in New York City, people from all over the world attend. I have made friends from all over the United States as well as other countries.

Now onto the fun stuff, here is some of the work I completed during my second semester at the Fashion Institute of Technology.











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Also some exciting news, this summer I will be writing for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru. I promise I won’t be neglecting my blog, but I will be posting additionally for them. Follow my social media to find out more about when I’m posting and I would love to hear your feedback!



FIT Accepted Students Day!

So my last post was all about my day at LIM College for their Accepted Students Day. I also talked about how I was deciding between LIM and FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).

This post is about my day at FIT’s Admitted Students Day and how I chose that I am officially attending FIT in the fall. I have made my decision and while it was super difficult, I am 100% happy with my choice.

That day I wore one of my favorite new dresses, from the boutique I work at.


I paired the black fringe dress with a simple pair of wedges and beachy waves.

While I was at FIT, I meet with a possible professor for next year and a senior. They both really helped me make my final decision.

After we finished with Admitted students day, my parents and I went to meet one of my roommates come August. She was super sweet and we got along really well.


I had an amazing time in New York City and can’t wait to be living there in the next few months. Hopefully you all will be reading about my New York City adventures in the future!


Lots of Love,