Where Have I Been?!

About a year ago, I got the opportunity to start a job at an amazing store, Kenneth Cole in Soho. The past few months the store has been liquidating, and last week the store officially closed. Through working there I have made the most amazing friends and had so many great experiences.

But when one door closes another door opens. Starting Monday, I will be interning as a fabric assistant at an awesome design house. If you haven’t been reading my blog for awhile, you wouldn’t know that I started a new major this semester: Fabric Styling at FIT. Through this internship I will be doing some of the things I have been learning in my classes.

I will try to post more, about fashion and my experience interning. And I can’t post a blog with including some outfit inspiration, so here are some Fall looks I have been wearing the last few weeks.




Growing Your Own Clothes?

Hope you are all having a amazing summer so far!

This summer I am being a good college student and taking some extra classes at a local community college to transfer back to FIT. For one of my classes I had to research a topic to speak about. If you didn’t know, I am minoring in Ethics and Sustainability, so I chose to talk about that in the fashion industry.

As I was researching, I found this really cool fashion designer who grows her own material. Her name is Suzanne Lee and I wanted to share a video of her talking about her work.

Using green tea, sugar, and microbes, she creates a material that she uses to create her work. Lee also doesn’t use chemicals to color her fashion, instead she uses fruit and vegetable stains as well as indigo to create color.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Suzanne’s designs! I am amazed by her work and what she is doing in the fashion industry. Hopefully going forward, fashion becomes more eco-friendly. As I was researching I learned so much about the water and carbon footprint we are leaving, and people like Suzanne are helping to reduce it.